Wilma Wagner Property specializes in the improvement of your overall home life.   Young Living Essential Oils will transform your new house into the home of your dreams.  Essential oils  are freshly cultivated and distilled from plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. When using Young Living Essential Oils, you are receiving the benefit of the purest

and most potent part of the plant.  Purify the air of your home with lavender and citrus smells to sooth your overall well-being.  Young Living Essential Oils are a multi-purpose home solution to combat bacteria, to clean household items, and refreshen the air.  Wilma Wagner Property is committed to providing you with a firm head-start toward cultivating the health and wellness of your home.  


When you close or list your home with Wilma Wagner Property you will get a Young Living Essential Oils Theives Household Kit.


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